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KulturNest e.V. has non-hierarchical governance model, where the three members of the board have equal rights and decision-making authority. We promote a shared management process and ensure that no individual has undue influence over the organisations' operations.

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Dagna Gmitrowicz 

In her practice, she connects four spheres: art, innovation in learning facilitation, management and nature.

Visual artist and painter, she works from her forest atelier, between branches and colours. She is a Forest Therapy Guide (certified by ANFT, USA) and Therapist (M. Erickson Institute).

For over 20 years she coordinated international projects and developed and facilitate training programmes and designed new methods and educational tools based on art.

She has cooperated with more than 30 institutions from Eastern and Western Europe and she is Member of Advisory Group for European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC) and of the International Society for Self-Directed Learning.

Lorena Terzi 

Born in Italy, she migrated to different parts of the planet before landing in Berlin, her new colourful nes​t since 2017.

She studied Art and Cultural Heritage and she is now undergoing a formation in Neuroeducation.

In the last 10 years, she has been working as a community artist and youth worker between Italy, Spain, Brazil, and Germany, and for 4 years she is coordinating international projects for the social circus CABUWAZI.

She hosts creative processes exploring different mediums, from textile art to poetry, from street interventions to photography and storytelling, as means to engage with people, and as tools to create community building and fostering self-empowerment.

She believes in the motto “gentileza gera gentileza”, kindness generates kindness, and in the power of artivism and creativity to shape the world around us.


Péter Bób

He is improvisation training facilitator, social activist and investment professional.

Peter believes that learning can be engaging and fun at the same time. He facilitates trainings for startups, corporates, volunteering communities and social enterprises with the help of improvisation theatre. He helps teams to connect, to build trust and to increase productivity.

Therefore he co-founded Flying Fox, a Berlin-based workshop facilitation partnership.

In addition, he is actively cooperating with social entrepreneurs as he believes that finance can work for positive impact on people and planet.


KulturNest e.V. are recognised by the association's constitution as having the authority to vote on important matters such as the election of board, approval of the budget, and strategic planning of the association.

They are actively involved in the activities and have the responsibility to part in the regular gatherings of the association.

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