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KulturNest e.V. is a non-governmental association that was initiated in 2020 in Berlin and officially registered in 2022.

Since its inception, it undertook a number of initiatives to promote social and environmental responsibility, and to

foster personal empowerment and mutual dialogue among communities, in particular focusing on innovative artistic and cultural practices.

We offer and host a diverse range of activities, organising workshops, public events, training courses and open sessions, moving between visual art, body work, storytelling, handcraft, DIY & DIT, upcycling, and nature practices.

KulturNest e.V. is a group of passionate creatives who strongly believe in the power of art and co-creation, a multidisciplinary organisation of youth workers, educators, artists, trainers and activists.

Within our team, we have experience in planning and implementing international projects, developing creative and educational workshops, facilitating individual and group sessions using different creative mediums.


KulturNest e.V. is sited in "Studios ID Collective", an international community of 80 artists and makers.

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