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At our core, we believe in the transformative power of creativity to empower individuals and communities. We are dedicated to promoting bottom-up initiatives, fostering social participation, and encouraging cross-border cooperation as catalysts for positive societal change.



In a fast-changing and complex reality, creativity become a key skill to navigate personal and community challenges: through shared creation and individual flows, we can empower ourself and our communities.

We stand for DIY (Do-It-Yourself) and DIT (Do-It-Together), trusting the potential of an horizontal learning where all are teachers, and all are learners.



We believe in the power of bottom-up initiatives to enhance social change and engage people in the active shape of our reality. 

We acknowledge our role of citizens of a complex world, and we take the responsibilities of engaging with the society we live in. 



We want our footprints to be impactful and environmental friendly, long lasting and sustainable. 

We implement and promote green practices and trust the revolutionary power of circular economy.

Our activities aims to initiate transformation, in a process-like approach which sees all actors involved and responsible for its development. 

Discover our current initiatives and projects by checking out what we're up to right now!

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